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Bassoon, French basson, German Fagott, the principal bass instrument of the orchestral woodwind family. The bassoon’s reed is made by bending double a shaped strip of cane. The bassoon’s reed is made by bending double a shaped strip of cane.

Instruments of the bassoon family The basson, and its unchanged traditional sound The basson, which has only a few keys and from which the modern bassoon developed during the baroque period, is a musical instrument in which a traditional sound endures.

Woodwind instruments include a specific list of musical tools that create music with. oboe, and piccolo. The lowest sounding woodwind instrument is the bassoon, or more specifically, the contrabass.

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Casual music fans are familiar with the bassoon’s deep, reedy tone — equally adept at melodic crooning and comedic staccato bursts — even if they don’t know what instrument produces it. They know it a.

#20485825 – Music Instrument, An Illustration Brown Color of Vintage Symphonic.

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#20485825 – Music Instrument, An Illustration Brown Color of Vintage Symphonic.

#20485825 – Music Instrument, An Illustration Brown Color of Vintage Symphonic.

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The musical instruments that could be described as ancestors of the bassoon were developed in the 16th century, and include the shawm, the rankett, and the dulcian (or curtal). All of these are low-pitched instruments that use a double reed.

The largest instrument of the woodwind family with the lowest pitch, the bassoon uses a double reed, made from two pieces of cane tied together. The bassoon is played in a similar way to the oboe. The bassoonist presses the reed between the lips and blows to sound the instrument.

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Repast Baroque Ensemble will present "Them Foreigners": Musical Portraits of "The Other," period instrument concerts on Thurs.

The bassoon (in my opinion) is a pretty hard instrument to play if you don’t have very long fingers because of all the stretching you have to do with your pinkies and your thumbs. But, making a switch from flute to bassoon isn’t that hard.